Thursday, September 22, 2016

Generator Odyssey

So I was looking at some of my old video logs, and thought I'd write about generators.  I tried using an old fan to generate energy for the grid.  So I was spinning the generator for quite some time, and even burned out two fans with this experimentation, one was a salvage job I found on the sidewalk.  But, I never tested the fan with a light bulb.

You may have better luck, if you have a fan you don't need anymore that doesn't work, you could try wiring the plug using some spare wire to a lamp.  Connect positive to positive and negative to negative then spin the fan and see if you can generate light.  Maybe you can tinker with it, and get it to work.  I also tried doing it with a diode but that didn't work either.

I did manage to light a lightbulb using an asynchronous motor that I pulled out of a dead microwave, which I still have somewhere.  It was the motor that spun the tray.  But it only generates about 6W (watts), which isn't enough to be practical.  I mean I hooked it up to our battery charger and spun it for like an hour, but it wasn't enough to fully charge the AA batteries, of course.

I also bought some small solar panels, which can charge AA rechargeable batteries for $15 a piece, which worked for me before, but I tried hooking them up in series to charge my cellphone, but it didn't generate enough voltage.

I guess what's the point of it?  Why use electronics?  Basically, I only play anything when I get tired of meditating, because my ability to concentrate on the space and light in my own mind isn't strong enough of a distraction to overcome the static outside.

Anyway hope this helps if you are considering creating an electric generating home gym.

Have a good one.